Embrace the Cool with Air-Ref Co Inc’s Unbeatable HVAC Service

Picture this! The sun is baking the neighborhood like a roast dinner, the cat is sprawled out in the living room trying to catch a breeze, and you’re busy trying to avoid turning into human soup. Then with the flick of a switch and a whisper from the vents, it’s snow-day inside – that’s the power of the mighty HVAC from Air-Ref Co Inc!

Quick Fixes, Long Lasting Comfort

Our super team of experts can swoop into your life (not literally – Health & Safety wouldn’t approve), repairing your HVAC faster than a toddler dipping into the cookie jar! With a well-maintained system, you’ll enjoy constant comfort, eliminating hot and cold spots, making every day perfect sweater weather.

No Sweat Service

Let’s be honest, an unexpected HVAC breakdown induces the same sweaty panic as messing up kitchen recipes. Don’t fret! Our chilled-out vibe extends to our spectacular service, repairs & maintenance. Our technicians are always ready to patch things up, regardless if your HVAC decides to play ‘sick’ on a weekend or in a heatwave. No sweat, all comfort—that’s the Air-Ref Co Inc way!