DIY Tips to Maintain Your HVAC System

Warm summers and chilly winters are no match for a well-maintained HVAC system. Nothing compares to that feeling of comfort when your home finds just the right temperature. However, such comfort demands some level of responsibility. Here, at Climate Mechanical Solutions, we offer hassle-free and professional HVAC solutions but we believe in empowering our customers as well. So, we’ve curated some essential DIY tips that you can use for the upkeep of your HVAC system.

Regularly inspect and replace the filter

The first step in maintaining an efficient HVAC system is to keep your air filters clean. Dirty air filters can obstruct airflow, resulting in lower efficiency and reduced air quality. Experts recommend inspecting air filters every month, and replace them every 3 months. You may need to do this more often if you have pets or live in a heavily polluted area.

Keep your outdoor unit clean and unobstructed

The outdoor unit of your HVAC system is exposed to the elements and is likely to gather dirt, leaves, and other debris over time. This can affect the system’s performance. It’s good practice to clean the area around your outdoor unit, removing any obstructions that could interfere with the system’s airflow. Moreover, you should clean the unit itself, using a hose to spray down the fins to remove any accumulated dirt or debris.

Regularly schedule a professional check-up

While DIY maintenance can help in prolonging the life of your HVAC system, it still needs to be checked by a professional every once in a while. A professional contractor can identify potential issues early and prevent a minor problem from becoming a major one. At Climate Mechanical Solutions, our team of experts is equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to maintain your HVAC system’s ultimate performance.

Monitor your system’s performance

Between professional check-ups, it’s essential to keep an eye on your HVAC unit’s overall performance. Keep track of unusual noise, unexpected increase in energy bills, or inadequate heating or cooling. These could be signs that your system needs immediate professional attention.

Understanding and integrating these basic maintenance measures can significantly enhance the life and efficiency of your HVAC system. For further assistance, you can reach out to us at Climate Mechanical Solutions. We’re Just a call away!